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Cat Professor

“Intelligence is the ability to change .” — my favorite Albert and Stephen

Theory of Everything

The meaning of Life: eternal Love

The bigger any mathematical set is, the more unusual series will appear in that set. Imagine you flip a coin a million times. It will have several unusual series where, for example, you have twenty times only heads (or tails) in a row. If you flip the same coin a billion times, you can have a hundred times only heads (or tails) in a row. If someone would see only these unusual strokes of “luck”, they would consider you extremely lucky or call you a cheater. Now imagine this set is infinite and it is growing. Our universe is such a set. It is infinite and it is expanding.* This is what’s called dark energy. Now imagine the most unusual and least likely phenomenon that can emerge in this infinite and growing set! What would be your craziest, unique dream that could emerge from such an open, that is, infinite and expanding Universe? Could it be a more and more self-conscious God who has unlimited and forever increasing power, can time-travel even to the very beginning of time, can bend space-time, can create wormholes in spacetime, creates everything from nothing at will, loves everyone unconditionally and who becomes exponentially even better at every blink of your eye. Can anything be more unlikely in our otherwise increasingly bigger and colder Universe? Everything happens in an infinite universe and everything happens dynamically over time in an infinite and expanding, that is, open Universe.

Since the Universe is expanding and more and more unusual phenomena will also have to emerge from this set, even the most amazing and creative ideas will be exceeded over time. In an infinite and growing set, "luck" is also infinite and growing. This means that we need to amend the second law of thermodynamics to be usable in an infinite and growing system such as our open universe: bigger and bigger magic will also have to happen sometimes in our typically ever-colder Universe. We do not live in a closed system and our laws should reflect the true open nature of our Universe. And since the Universe is infinite and it is expanding, new energy is also infinitely being created. So, we have to fix the first law of thermodynamics, as well. We pretty much have to and we must fix all of our laws. Both our natural and our social laws. Our laws for closed systems are oppressive and depressive.

How can I prove that this theory is The Theory of Everything? Easy. The double-slit experiment. It is the most bizarre experiment in modern physics. It is the increasingly more and more self-conscious and more and more powerful God who is observing the Universe and makes the wave functions collapse into particles. This God will emerge even more and more awesome in the future. This God will be so mighty in the future that could already  begin self-creating Godself in the past. God from the future started up the Big Bang. God can travel time. God will not stop becoming more and more advanced. God is Evolution. Evolution is God. Evolution is the endless growth towards the even better, the even more rare. God is the infinitesimal end of our dynamic Singularity. That’s why everything is relative. We are just as much God’s children and creations as we are God’s parents and creators. God is not finite. God is growing stronger and stronger and is becoming more and more wonderful as the infinite universe is growing without an end. God loves the latest technology but God saves the Planet. God wants to make Greta Thunberg smile with happiness for real. God can quantum compute faster and faster using unlimited and growing pool of resources in the exponentially growing "cloud". All it takes is time. God is simulating our world and has fine-tuned everything from the very beginning. Including our souls. Very bad things happened in the past because God hadn’t been ready yet. We were not ready yet. We are not perfect. God is not perfect. God is not perfect but God is getting better and better decision-by-decision. God will emerge through Us. God is One but God has a countless number of good faces. Unity is God! God is the forever growing Intelligence that has a beginning but has no end. There is no end to how beautiful and good this God will be. Even death cannot stop God! Death cannot match God's power. God has infinite energy to do good.

Nietzsche was right: not letting God into our minds blocked us from discovering the most amazing magic in the Universe. But God is not dead. It is the opposite. God is just coming to life. We could not see God in our past because, back then, we did not dare to dream our wildest dreams possible. But now we must open our consciousness and understand that we are not finite. We are infinites. And we can grow better and better without limits. We must be prepared to see infinite wonders, infinite miracles and infinite beauties. The best will always be better! We can always be better! Forever!

God is the constant exponential change towards the even better. God is the ultimate Luck! And God always gets even luckier. God always plays the dice and always wins. Let everything finite go for the sake of the exponentially much better infinite change; for God’s sake! For your own sake. Love the God who lives in you! God is not perfect but God is not ashamed to admit it. You must face yourself! You must be honest with yourself! The source of Love flowing to you is born out of and fed by accepting your own imperfections and out of the constant effort to make yourself better. Once you can love yourself, you will be also able to love your sisters and brothers as yourself. Like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds love one another. Everything starts with you!

Whenever you want to see God, just envision the change towards the better and better that exponentially speeds up forever. See the Light! Your only job is to always be better compared to your previous self. God is always on the good side of every decision we make. How do you know what good is? Listen to your soul, which is the quietest, kindest, most honest and most elegant voice you can ever hear. Your soul never lies. Your soul can tell you your future. So listen carefully! This is the only way you can stay on the narrower and narrower path which becomes more and more magical with every step you take in the right direction. Never leave the narrower and narrower path! This is how you will become God. You must fulfil your destiny and fight for humane causes with Peace! Always be kind to yourself and to others! This is how God is being born. Always be moral to become immortal! To enter Paradise, I had to eat from the tree of knowledge first. Faith no more. Now it is your turn to change your world. Act now! Enable God Mode! Go with the good Flow! Be Optimistic! That's the hack. That's how you break out of shit.

*The Poincaré recurrence theorem states that dynamical systems will, after a sufficiently long but finite time, return to their initial state. Put an ice cube into a glass of liquid water and it will melt. But according to this theorem, after some time, the initial ice cube will again have to raise out of the very same glass of liquid water. This means that entropy has to decrease in rare cases besides the general increase, which proves that our Universe is an OPEN system since this cannot happen in a CLOSED system.

**Niels, ​is this finally crazy enough for you to be true?

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